Springtime in La Alpujarra

by Apr 29, 2013Photo Gallery

The winter, while mild, has been long and the spring has been wet. The glorious result is that the campo has exploded with colour. If you can make it to La Alpujarra in springtime then you will be seeing it at its most beautiful.

Here are some images from the hillsides just outside Órgiva to give you an idea. But photos cannot possibly do it justice.


And some images from the garden in spring that are a little less wild but very pretty nonetheless.


What is your favourite season and where would you like to spend it if money and time were no object?

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Merry Christmas from GranadaSpain

Merry Christmas from GranadaSpain

Merry Christmas everyone! I couldn’t resist the bright colours of the carousel at Juveandalus 2014 for the last #MySundayPhoto of the year. Thanks for all the comments, shares and likes in 2014.
See you next year!

Morning bonfires in Órgiva

Morning bonfires in Órgiva

Órgiva looking very sultry amidst the smoke of winter bonfires #MySundayPhoto | GranadaSpain Órgiva is the largest and most populous town of the Western Alpujarra and provides a hub for some of the more remote High Alpujarran villages and those to the South East....

Latest on BA Flights from London to Granada

BA have suspended all direct flights from Granada to London.

From July 25 the company will reinstate direct flights from London to Granada.

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