Experience Seville’s Spring Spectacle: Feria de Abril

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Many who visit Granada will include some of the other beautiful cities of Andalucía in their itinerary. Whether you are planning a grand tour of southern Spain, completing the Golden Triangle or just looking for a side trip or over-nighter from Granada, Seville is a city that won’t disappoint. And April is a great time to visit because of the fabulous Feria de Abril.

Steeped in tradition that dates back to the 19th century, Seville’s famous Feria de Abril is one of Spain’s most vibrant and iconic celebrations. This annual event seems to embody the very essence of Spanish culture, attracting visitors from around the world to immerse themselves in music, flamenco, bullfighting (controversial, of course), food, drink, and the general 24/7 revelry that native Andalucíans are so good at. 

Here we will take a brief look at the history and some of the highlights of the event for visitors

Origins of the Feria de Abril

Initially, it began as a livestock fair, providing a market for farmers and traders to showcase their finest livestock, agricultural produce, and equestrian skills.

Over time, this agricultural event evolved into a much grander affair, mixing with another tradition: the April Fair. This fair, originally held in the city centre, was a week-long event filled with amusement rides, food stalls, and entertainment.

In 1847, these fairs merged to create the colourful spectacle that is the Feria de Abril as we know it today. Seville, the capital of Andalucía, has since become its permanent home and the Feria has continued to evolve over time while retaining its deep-rooted cultural significance, drawing locals and tourists alike to take part in the festivities.

When & where

The dates for 2024 are 14-20 April

The Feria de Abril traditionally starts two weeks after Semana Santa, Holy Week, which means that some years it actually takes place in May.

The event is located in a huge recinto ferial (fairground) in Los Remedios next to the river south-west of the city. Check googlemaps to get your bearings.

Which is the best day to go to the Feria?

Monday and Tuesday are the best days to go if you want to avoid the largest crowds.

Wednesday is one of the busiest days at the Feris as it is a public holiday in Seville, so locals come during the day rather than after work, which they do on other nights. Friday and Saturday sees an influx of visitors from other cities.

Crowds enjoy rides and attractions at the vibrant Sevilla April Fair.
Crowds enjoying all the attractions at the Feria de Abril

What you ‘must see’ at the Feria de Abril

Navigating the attractions of Feria de Abril can be a daunting yet unforgettable experience for the uninitiated. Here’s what you’ must see’ during your visit:

La Portada

The Entrance Gate to the Feria grounds is adorned every year with a different intricate design, reflecting Andalucían culture and illuminated by thousands of lights. You’ll want to get a photo of this highlight day or night.

Colourful paper decorations frame the iconic entrance of the Feria

Las Casetas

One of the highlights of Feria de Abril is exploring the casetas – elaborately decorated marquees where locals gather to eat, drink, and dance. While many casetas are private, some are open to the public, offering visitors a glimpse into the heart of Andalucían hospitality. Sample traditional tapas, sip on fino, and enjoy Sevillanas, the traditional dance of the region.

Paseo de Caballos

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of Andalucían horses as they parade through the Feria grounds pulling the carriages that convey fair-goers in all their finery. This is a centuries-old tradition that is part of Andalucía’s rich equestrian heritage. A great show for all ages to enjoy.

The Paseo de Caballos - horse drawn carriages at the Feria de Abril
The Paseo de Caballos

Flamenco Shows

No visit to Seville is complete without experiencing the passion and intensity of flamenco, and Feria de Abril provides ample opportunities to do just that. From impromptu performances in the casetas to ticketed shows at dedicated venues, immerse yourself in the stirring rhythms and emotive melodies of this iconic Spanish art form.


While controversial, bullfighting remains an integral part of Spanish culture and of the Feria de Abril for many locals. Whether you choose to attend a bullfight at the historic Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza or simply observe the spectacle from afar, it’s an experience that offers insight into Spain’s complex cultural heritage.

How to access the Feria

The Feria de Seville is a major highlight of the city’s calendar so it’s super busy and celebrations go on late into the night. As a visitor, it’s vital to plan your entry and exit from this event.


Predictably, taxi fares go up during the Feria. You’ll find a licensed taxi stop near the portada, but expect long queues, especially after 2 am. Cabify and Uber operate in Seville and will drop off and pick up passengers at the back of the Feria ground or Avenida Juan Pablo II.


This is a convenient, and much more affordable, option if you are staying in the city centre, with several lines running close to the recinto throughout the day and night during the Feria. There’s also a direct Feria service departing from Prado de San Sebastian. Some nearby towns offer special Feria bus services departing from Blas Infante metro station.


The Metro runs 24 hours during the Feria with additional trains laid on to accommodate the masses. Stops at Plaza de Cuba and Parque de los Principes are convenient for accessing the Feria. Parking is available at San Juan Bajo and San Juan Alto stations.


If you have a designated non-drinking driver and choose to go by car, be warned that parking near the Feria is pretty impossible but you can park at Charco de la Pava car park and hop on the shuttle bus to the fairground recinto.

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation during Feria de Abril, you would be wise to book well in advance, as hotels and rental properties tend to fill up quickly during this high-demand period. That said, Seville offers a huge variety of options to suit every preference and budget, ranging from luxurious hotels to cosy guesthouses and stylish apartments.

For those seeking a more authentic experience, consider staying close to the Feria grounds at Los Remedios. This lively neighbourhood cranks up the energy a notch or two during the Feria and offers easy access to the festivities while also providing an unfiltered glimpse into local social life.

Alternatively, you might want to book something in Seville’s historic centre, allowing you to explore the city’s iconic landmarks such as the Alcázar Palace and the Cathedral between Feria events.

Find a place to stay in Seville


Here are some essential tips to consider

Plan and book in Advance 🗓️

As mentioned above, accommodation options tend to fill up quickly during Feria de Abril, so it’s crucial to book your hotel or rental well in advance. And look into purchasing tickets for any events or shows you wish to attend ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Transportation 🚖

Seville experiences a surge in visitors during Feria de Abril, leading to crowded streets and limited parking. As discussed above, opt for public transportation or walking if you can. The city’s metro and bus network are efficient options for getting around, and taxis are readily available. If you’re driving, be prepared for traffic congestion and consider parking in designated areas outside the city center.

Comfortable clothing and footwear 👟👟

With so much to see and do, comfortable footwear is a must. Whether you’re strolling through the Feria grounds, exploring the city’s historic streets, or dancing the night away in a caseta, comfortable shoes will keep you going throughout the day and night.

Stay Hydrated and Sun Protected 🧢 🕶️

Seville enjoys warm weather in April, so it’s essential to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun. Carry a refillable water bottle with you and apply sunscreen regularly, especially if you plan to spend long hours outdoors. Consider wearing a hat and lightweight clothing to stay cool and comfortable.

Keep some cash on you 💶

While many establishments accept credit cards, it’s a good idea to carry some cash with you, especially when visiting smaller vendors or entering casetas. ATMs can be found throughout the city, but they may experience long queues during the festival, so think ahead.

Respect the local people and customs 👋

Feria de Abril is deeply rooted in Andalucían culture, and respecting local customs is essential. Be respectful of local culture and when entering a caseta, it’s customary to greet the hosts with a friendly “¡Hola!” and a “Gracias” to thank them when you leave.

Stay Safe ‼️

While Feria de Abril is a joyful celebration, as in any European city, it’s essential to stay vigilant and prioritise your safety. Keep an eye, and a hand, on your belongings in crowded areas, avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Also be aware of local emergency contact numbers and the whereabouts of the nearest Centro de Salud.

Explore beyond the Feria

While Feria de Abril will undoubtedly be the focus and highlight of your visit to Seville at this time of year, do explore Seville’s other attractions. Find a flamenco show Visit iconic landmarks such as the Alcázar Palace, the Cathedral, and the Plaza de España, or simply wander through the charming streets of the historic centre, soaking in the beauty and ambiance of this fabulous city.

Enjoy the festivities, embrace the culture, and create memories to last a lifetime!

Here is a great personal account from Let’s Eat the World of the Feria from 2022 with some great tips on how to enjoy the fiesta like a local, including a list of public casetas and what to expect if you are ‘invited’ into a private caseta.

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